Avery E. Sharpe Convicted: Indecent Exposure

The disposition in the courts of Avery E. Sharpe’s conviction for indecent exposure after, according to the police report, he “exposed his penis and started masturbating himself in plain view of [redacted] from inside his vehicle, while parked in front of CVS Pharmacy.” (Our boldface & italics; and we redacted portions of the court’s finding for privacy purposes.)

Avery, Avery, Avery … what the heck were you thinking, dude??!!!!??

Or were you thinking at all? Who does that? How do you get to a point in your life as a human being where you think doing something like that is acceptable? Or at least OK? In public? Huh? In addition to witnesses, you know there are surveillance cameras all over the place. Especially at the pharmacy window of a CVS!

Time for some serious help, Sharpe Scissors Man.